Javafroum 2009Q3 – 27:e Maj

Javafroum 2009Q3 – 27:e Maj
april 18, 2009 Rikard Thulin

Nu börjar agendan för Javaforum Q3 blir färdig. Två internationella talare kommer:

Adobe Flex and Java, Cornel Creanga, Adobe (på Engelska)
Flex is an Open Source RIA development toolkit based on the Adobe Flash Player, working both in browsers and desktop (through Adobe AIR platform) This session will present the main benefits of using Flex, it will cover the programming language and it will show how to connect the Flex client with a Java backend.
BIO: ”Cornel was hired as a Java Technical Lead by Adobe in August 2007. He graduated with a Computer Science degree in 2001 in Bucharest. He previously worked for Oracle as a software developer and business analyst and before that, in several small to mid-size software companies. His expertise is mostly related to Adobe RIA technologies, databases, O/RM frameworks, Java/Java EE, and implementing domain models.
Corneliu is known for his inner drive to do things better and his enjoyment of technical debates.”

Watching the logs roll by, Jevgeni Kabanov, ZeroTurnaround (på Engelska)
25% of developers say that their JEE projects take over 2 minutes to deploy, every time they want to see their changes. Since on average we deploy 5 times an hour, we’re watching the logs roll by, or switching to email and losing focus, for more than an hour every day. Ouch. That’s painful!
In this talk, Jevgeni Kabanov will highlight 3 key techniques that you can start using immediately to drop the time from hitting Ctrl+S to refreshing your browser down to less than one second. We will start by discussing exploded development and some shortcuts you can take to eliminate the build scripts from your everyday life. The we will review some ways to bypass or speed up redeployment. We’ll take a look at JEE redeployment, OSGi modules, special framework support that exists in Grails, Seam, Tapestry5 and RIFE, and JVM HotSwap. We’ll cover what you can do for free, and introduce a class reloading JVM plugin called ”JavaRebel”, that solves the problem for peanuts.
After this talk, you’ll walk away with a clear idea of at least 3 ways to reduce your turnaround, and measurably save your team at least an hour per day.