Agendan till Javaforum den 25:e november

Agendan till Javaforum den 25:e november
november 9, 2009 Rikard Thulin

Här kommer inbjudan till nästa Javaforum i Göteborg.

Plats: IT-Universitetet, Forskningsgången 6, Lindholmen, Göteborg
Tid: 2009-11-25 17:00


17:00 Macka & mingel

17:30 JavaUpdate
Ferid Sabanovic (Iptor) och Torbjörn Karlsson (Iptor)

17:45 TestNG
Emily Bache (Iptor)

18:00 Site creation with Maven
Creating a site using Maven involves making a lot of choices. Some of them are obvious, like choosing a suitable document format, while others are more subtle. This presentation we will go through these choices and provide some useful hints and tips along the way. The topics covered include ”Beauty is skin deep”, ”In the greater schema of things” and ”That will look bad on your report card!”.
Dennis Lundberg (Mälardalen University)

18:40 PAUS

19:00 Google Collection
Nils Pettersson (Iptor)

19:15 Vaadin – Rich web applications in plain Java without plugins or JavaScript
This presentation shows how easily you can create desktop-like web applications in plain Java without any HTML, XML, plugins or JavaScript. You will learn how to avoid the most typical problems in web application development by using a desktop-like programming model on server. Apache-licensed Vaadin framework is used to leverage Server- Driven RIA (SDR) architecture that allows you to focus on application logic and forget cross-browser issues.
– Server-Driven RIA architecture is introduced. A comparison between traditional web application architecture, client-side RIA architecture and SDR is done.
– A brief introduction to Apache-licensed Vaadin framework is given.
The toolkit is compared to Google Web Toolkit and the integration between the products is explained.
– A desktop-like web application is created from scratch to give a hands-on experience on SDR.
More info about Vaadin:
Joonas Lehtinen (IT Mill)

20:00 JavaPub – sponsrat av Iptor –

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