Why should I need to waste so many resources and 1-3 minutes to get started?

Why should I need to waste so many resources and 1-3 minutes to get started?
maj 22, 2010 Fredrik Normén

Every time I start my computer, I do the following:

Start messenger,TweetDeck, Spotify, (most of the time a Web Browser) and then Visual Studio 2010 to do some work.

4/5 are tools with a connection to the cloud (well 5/5 if the Start Page of VS2010 counts ;). So I’m actually only need access to the cloud and some tools to work with. I use Spotify to play music, music sent to me over the wire from the cloud, TweetDeck so see and send messages over the cloud, Messenger to keep contact with my friends and send messages over the cloud, a browser to get information located on the cloud.. Visual Studio 2010 to build apps for the cloud 😉

I put my working project also in the cloud to get access to it from any places, I use Dropbox to store some documents, I use a NAS that is connected to the cloud to I can get access any of my files through the cloud. I’m in and on the cloud most of my time.

What I need is a screen, a internet connection and a simple tool to get access to my hard drive for local storage, tools connected to the cloud. Why should I need to wait 1-3 minutes and waste about 1 gig of space just to see a boring loading screen of the OS too just use simple apps that will bring me into the cloud? Why use so many resources for such simple tasks? If I need to create a presentation, write a document etc, I can use tools located in the cloud, so what I only need is a OS that can connect me to the cloud and a “browser” to get access to the tools I need. The browser could be my OS!

Look at iPhone, a very nice UI, just show me some buttons with my apps, easy to access the apps I want and easy to use. The best part, it’s in a little box and it’s quite (when no people calls me ;)). The following is a simple UI, I could live with a UI like this to just do my work:

It’s simple, it’s in a little box, it gives me the basic information I need (most of the information is gathered from the cloud). I could easy press an image and open the program I want to use, and they could be located in the cloud. For example, Spotify. It’s like a browser, it only gather information from the cloud and show it on the screen. The app could easily be created so I could access it though a web browser, or as small as it’s on the iPhone (and how much resources is needed to just use Spotify on my iPhone?).

When I turn my computer on every day, and look at my desktop after spending some loading times, I just feel that my computer is heavy. Something makes it heavy.. I want to see something new, I want to see a light weight OS, a simple OS that doesn’t takes to much time to load just to get started.. how long can it take for a computer so just show some images?

Just a thought!