Nästa Javaforum den 9:e september – Squeed bjuder på pub!

Nästa Javaforum den 9:e september – Squeed bjuder på pub!
augusti 26, 2010 Rikard Thulin

Javaforum-möte i Göteborg (2010-09-09 16:30)
Plats: IT-Universitetet, Forskningsgången 6, Lindholmen, Göteborg

16:30 Macka & mingel

17:00 Intro
Rikard Thulin och Tomas Trolltoft (Squeed)

17:10 Building Software Using Rich Client Platforms
Rikard Thulin (Squeed)

18:00 PAUS

18:30 TDD genom coding dojos
Although the theory of how to do Test Driven Devel- opment can be explained in a few sentences, mas- tering the skill takes substantial time and effort. Going to a Coding Dojo is a way to meet with other programmers in a “safe” environment in order to engage in deliberate practice, and learn by doing. We would like to talk about our experiences using the Dojo form and Kata exercises to teach the skills of TDD to professionals who want to improve the quality of their work. We have found that different Katas can be used to teach different aspects of TDD, for example some are more suitable than others for a mockist ap- proach. The skill level of the people in the group, and the programming language being used also make a difference. We have also found that it can be challenging to keep a group together and all learning new things at each meeting. In this talk we will share some insights about what works, what doesn’t, and what can be achieved using the dojo form. Our hope in giving this talk is to inspire others to start coding dojos, and improve the practice of programming.
Fredrik Wendt (Iptor) och Emily Bache (Bache consulting)

19:20 Flexklient med Spring / Hibernate / Java backend
I februari 2008 gjorde Adobe FlexSDK och BlazeDS till open source och i april ett par månader senare började Extenda arbeta med tekniken. Olov kommer i presentationen ge en introduktion till kombinationen Flex/Java/Spring/Hibernate. Utifrån en ”early adopters” erfarenhet kommer presentationen också att göra djupdykningar i mer avancerade problemställningar som exempelvis hantering av persistenta objekt på klientsidan. Dessutom kommer Olov att beröra en del olika stödramverk.
Olov Andersson(Extenda)

20:00 Squeed bjuder på JavaPub