Javaforum Q1 2011 – Android Special (OBS ny lokal)

Javaforum Q1 2011 – Android Special (OBS ny lokal)
januari 19, 2011 Rikard Thulin

Javaforum-möte i Göteborg (2011-02-10)
Plats: Folketshus – lokal Asperö, Järntorget, Göteborg


16.30 Macka & mingel

17.00 Android 2011
Vad har utvecklare att se fram emot med Android under 2011? Vi tar en titt på möjligheterna med vad den senaste hårdvaran för mobilen och den senaste Android versionen kan göra tillsammans. 3D, cloud och gingerbread är några av sakerna vi kommer gå igenom. Erik Hellman, SonyEriksson

17.45 TBD
TBD. Jayway

18.25 break;

19.00 Opportunistic Networking with Android
In this work we present a middleware architecture for a mobile peer-to-peer content distribution system. Our architecture allows wireless content dissemination between mobile nodes without relying on infrastructure support. Contents are exchanged opportunistically when nodes are within communication range. Applications access the service of our platform through a publish/subscribe interface and therefore do not have to deal with low-level opportunistic networking issues or matching and soliciting of contents. Our architecture consists of three key components. A content structure that facilitates dividing contents into logical topics and allows for efficient matching of content lookups and downloading under sporadic node connectivity. A solicitation protocol that allows nodes to solicit content meta-information in order to discover contents available at a neighboring node and to download content entries disjointedly from different nodes. An API that allows applications to access the system services through a publish/subscribe interface. In this work we describe the design and implementation of our architecture. We also discuss potential applications and present evaluation results from profiling of our system. Ólafur Helgason is a PhD student at the Laboratory for Communication Networks at KTH, Stockholm. His research focuses on how content can be disseminated opportunistically in mobile wireless networks and how mobility affects wireless communication. Ólafur likes the free and the open: software, beer and the great outdoors. Ólafur Helgason, KTH

19.40 System.exit(0);