Presentation av Hardy Ferentschik på Javaforum

Presentation av Hardy Ferentschik på Javaforum
oktober 31, 2011 Rikard Thulin

This talks is a personal view on tools, resources and techniques which can help you becoming a better developer. Hardy explains what ideas from books like ”My Job Went to India” (Chad Fowler), ”The Pragmatic Programmer” (Andrew Hunt) and ”Pragmattic Thinking and Learning” (Andrew Hunt) mean to him and how he tries to become a better developer every day by applying some of these ideas. Becoming a better developer, however, requires also to understand our own software better. Only if we understand ourselves we are able to learn effectively and tap into otherwise dormant resources. In this context the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition is explained as well as the different operational modes of our brain (linear vs rich).

Personal kaizen

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