Presentation av Andreas Brink på Javafroum

Presentation av Andreas Brink på Javafroum
mars 14, 2012 Rikard Thulin

Refactoring Toward Deeper Insight

DDD Findings in Batch Processing, a Case Study When I was introduced to the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach close to ten years ago, it provided me with some of the missing pieces I needed to implement Object-Orientation in an effective way. And over the years I’ve been coming back to Eric Evans’ very rich and deep book many times to discover something new to help me design better software – thinking tools and practical design advice, in the small and in the large. Over the years Object-Orientation has become less important to me, but DDD is still my default starting point when I am helping teams to refactor their architectures and take control over their code bases. Many teams have already made attempts to implement DDD, but very often they don’t get the effects they were hoping for. It turns out that DDD is hard to get right. In a current project I have been involved in yet another effort to implement DDD on a legacy code base. And I have made some interesting findings. Batch processing scenarios opened up my eyes to some intrinsic problems with the DDD approach. Issues that have been have been nagging me over the years became very clear. And yet again I managed to gain deeper insight in the DDD approach and come up with some quite interesting ways to implement it.

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