The testing of the snark

The testing of the snark
september 17, 2012 squeedconfig

I found this poem here. Read and enjoy!


The testing of the snark

When Jenkins screams
”You broke the build”, improve
the current ugly state.
Check the commits
in the build: does one belong to you?
If the answer’s ”yes”
There’s no need to guess:
We expect a bugfix from you.
No patch is ever perfect,
and tests have issues too.
It’s quite ok to fuck it up
If you’re willing to fix it soon!
If you have to run
then find someone
who will clean up
the mess after you.
Reverted commits are a painful sight
but don’t make others stay all night.
Please consider your fellow devs
and when leaving, revert your bad revs
Day and night we labor,
to make our tests succeed.
So whatever you do,
never deploy
if Jenkins does not agree.
These rules may sound silly
and frustrating to some.
But follow them, and I guarantee,
we’ll all have loads of fun!

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