Workshops at Øredev 2012

Workshops at Øredev 2012
november 8, 2012

We, Adam Lith and Magnus Härlin, from Squeed attended the Øredev conference this year, and we want to share our experience of this event.

Vim Masterclass workshop – Drew Neil (@nelstrom)

Since both of us are beginners of Vim we where unsure if the workshop would be suited for us, but we thought that it’s just a matter of holding your breath and diving straight in. And we are glad we did.

The focus of the workshop was on learning to use advanced features of vim to minimize the number of keystrokes required to perform different objectives. Even though we knew nothing of Vim, the fact that both of us where comfortable with functional programming and macros (from our use of them in Visual Studio), we where able to follow along at least as fast as the other participants, just with slightly different hurdles than them.

It was a very successful workshop and we have now decided to try to learn and master the VsVim extension to Visual Studio.

Git workshop – Tim Berglund (@tlberglund)

In this workshop all the basics of Git were covered as well as a lot of the underlying principles and how it works. Some useful tips on how to configure Git about using the ”-u” flag when pushing to permanently add the mapping between the local and remote branch that you push to. Also a couple of handy settings to force git to use ”pull –rebase” by setting:

  • git config --global branch.autosetuprebase always
  • git config branch.<branchname>.rebase true

Since Tim is employed by GitHub he also had a walk through of the Fork and Pull Request process that’s available on GitHub. It wasn’t that much to explain since it’s a quite easy process to understand and use but very useful for projects that want to limit the number of contributers while still accepting code.

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