Agenda för Javaforum den 7:e februari

Agenda för Javaforum den 7:e februari
januari 28, 2013 Rikard Thulin

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17:00 Registrering & mingel

17:30 Välkommen
Tomas Trolltoft & Rikard Thulin, Squeed

17:40 The Java EE 7 Platform: Boosting Productivity and Embracing HTML5
The Java EE 7 platform focuses on Productivity and HTML5. JAX-RS 2 adds a new Client API to invoke the RESTful endpoints. JMS 2 is undergoing a complete overhaul to align with improvements in the Java language. Long awaited Batch Processing API and Caching API are also getting added to build applications using capabilities of the platform itself. Together these APIs will allow you to be more productive by simplifying enterprise development.

WebSocket attempts to solve the issues and limitations of HTTP for real-time communication. A new API is getting added to build WebSocket driven applications. Processing JSON structures is inherent in any HTML5 applications and a new API to parse, generate, transform, and query JSON is being added to the platform. JavaServer Faces will add support for HTML5 forms. There are several other improvements coming in this latest version of the platform.

The Java EE 7 platform is scheduled to release in Q2 2013. Some of the implementations are already integrated in GlassFish. This talk will provide a code-intensive introduction to the updated Java EE 7 platform. Several live demos will be shown during the talk. Don’t miss out on this session to learn all about how to leverage the new and exciting standards in building your next enterprise application.
Arun Gupta, Oracle

18:30 PAUS

18:45 How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Javascript
Javascript kan för Javautvecklare te sig stökigt och oförutsägbart. Men genom att använda sig av flexibiliteten som Javascripts-objektmodell erbjuder kan man med enkla medel modellera många av de objektorienterade principer som kan tyckas saknas i språket. Under presentationen kommer metoder och javascript-bibliotek presenteras som kan förenkla utveckling av omfattande Javascript. Ett par problem som vanligtvis drabbar Javautvecklare som tar sig an Javascript kommer också att presenteras och de underliggande principerna förklaras. Se det hela som en Javascript crasch course för Javautvecklare!
Fredrik Sandell, Squeed

19:15 PAUS

19:45 Building WebSocket Applications in Java
WebSocket attempts to solve the issues and limitations of HTTP for real-time communication by providing a full-duplex communication over a single TCP channel. It brings new opportunities for efficient server-push and peer-to-peer communication, providing the basis for a new generation of interactive and ?live? Web applications.

This session provides a primer on WebSocket and supported use cases. It examines the efforts under way to support WebSocket in the Java programming model, from a simple annotation-driven programming model and integration in the Java EE containers using JSR 356. All of this support will be available in Java EE 7, scheduled to go final in Q2 2013.

The attendees will learn how to leverage WerbSocket in their web applications using several code samples though out the talk. Simple ?Hello World? to more elaborate Collaborative Whiteboard applications will show different features of both the technologies. A complete development using NetBeans, deployment on GlassFish, and debugging using Chrome and Wireshark will be shown.
Arun Gupta, Oracle

20:30 Öl och datasnack för de som orkar på The Bishops Arms, Järntorget 6


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