Squeed – lending Oracle a hand

Squeed – lending Oracle a hand
februari 13, 2016 Ola Petersson

As enforced by Swedish Law (Jante) I’m hereby adding a disclaimer that this post may contain bragging elements

During the past week we were 15 Squeeders who travelled to Stockholm to attend JFokus (expect a cascade of blog entries to appear here in the near future). Leaving JFokus on wednesday, inspired by all the great speeches, on the train home I began to fiddle a bit with Java 8 and CDI. The idea was to use the Supplier-interface to trigger Observer-methods where each of these methods could implement their own business-logic. I quickly came up with this example: https://gist.github.com/olbpetersson/305276d7c4fec847a413

However, I was unable to keep going on my endeavor. For some reason, typed Suppliers, e.g. Supplier< String > weren’t triggered when I fired those events. After a lot of debugging I gave up and realized that this was way above my head. So of course the natural reaction was to tweet Java EE evangelist Reza Rahman, who quickly got CDI spec lead Antoine Sabot-Durand on the thread.


As this was just before our train was arriving to Gothenburg I closed the lid to my laptop and went home to sleep. I didn’t put much thought into this until the next day when I suddenly got a notification from twitter

cdi bug

So apparantly I had found a bug in Weld (which is what wildfly/jboss uses as their implementation of CDI) and eventually it even became a ticket for the CDI-spec.


I’ve never been this proud or thought it would be this cool to find a bug 🙂 I have to give credit to Oracles champions for helping out in such a fast paced manner! Giving the communication channels that today do exist, maybe we should deprecate the six degrees of separation?

Over and out
Ola Petersson

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