Daniel Wester

The right question isn’t asked by your eyes but with your feet when doing the gemba

What is your challenge, where are you right now and what will be your next step forward. I may not know karate but I can challenge you with a Kata for continuous improvement. I believe in the power of experiment with new behaviors in your daily life. All to make you take the next step and with help of the Toyota Kata.

How do you ask the question why with full respect for the person in the value stream?

Life isn’t static, it is an constant journey to your next stage. I can support you when it’s time to leave your current level and find your way to the next one. I might give you some guidance, but most of the time I will only ask you questions. Your challenge might be leadership, increase productivity or how to test agile ways of working. Lets take the challenge together and make your business fly.




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