Java With The Best

Java With The Best
april 17, 2018 Ola Petersson

During mid day tusday the virtual conference ”Java with the best” (JWTB) took off. As I had
a speaking slot for ”Begin EventSourcing with Lagom” I took the opportunity to check out some
of the other sessions. This is my summary of the first day of JWTB.

The presentations
JWTB had invited the former Java EE evangelist and founding Java EE Guardian member Reza Rahman as
the keynote speaker for this conference. If you have ever watched Reza before you know that he is highly
knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects he presents in. This time it was a presentation about
JavaEE8 and I have to say that it felt really refreshing to watch a feature focused JavaEE presentation.
Reza briefly took us through the history of J2EE and JavaEE and then walked us through the new
specifications and API:s for things such as JSON-B, JSON-P, SSE and Servlet 4 (HTTP 2.0). As my session
was booked right after Reza’s I unfortunately missed out on the last 15 minutes in which I guess Reza talked
a bit more about the future of JavaEE. It’s a shame because it would be very interesting to hear Reza talk
about EE4J and JakartaEE but it’s hard to be at two places at once and I’m sure I’ll get more opportunities
in the future.

I got through my sessions in one piece and jumped into ”Event-Driven Microservices with Axon Framework”.
This talk was very interesting to me as it dealt with much of the same things as my presentation did: To
build event driven services with patterns such as Event Sourcing and CQRS. I’ve never worked with Axon
Framework but from what I saw from the presentation it seemed like a mature set of functionalities and
APIs. I also got the feeling that it could be less of a leap to go from JavaEE or Spring to Axon compared
to Lagom. As I am a big fan of Event Sourcing I think it’s really good with more players focusing on these

I then peeked into fellow Javaforum Göteborg member Mattias Jiderhamns presentation
”Join my war on classloader leaks”. This is a session that I’ve seen a couple of years ago
but it was very clear to me that this is a session that could be rewatched every now and then to refresh your memory
(just remember to not leak any classes into it).

I continued with Brian Vermeers talk ”Ten Common Mistakes Made with Functional Java”. Now, when Java8 came out I had little to none experience of functional programming and the paradigms that comes with it. The stream API:s became a seed for my interest in Functional- and Declerative- Programming and this talk was a really nice
summary of some of the caveats and gotchas when working in a functional style in a non-pure-functional language such as Java.

I summed up my evening with the talk ”Reactive Microservices With Vert.x & Kubernetes” about writing reactive
microservices with the Vert.x library(/framwork). For you who haven’t seen Vert.x before it deals with a
threading model similar to nodejs (an event loop), although Vert.x utilizes all cores of machine. There
were a few technical issues during this presentation, and as this was at 9 in the evening I started to feel
a bit tired and found it a bit hard to follow. The techniques looks really intriguing and the examples in this
presentation covered a lot of the functionalities that Vert.x can provide, especially in joint venture with Kubernetes.
I will absolutely check this out at a later stage when I’ve worked a bit more hands on with Vert.x.

A virtual conference
This was my first time speaking at a virtual conference and it sure is another experience compared to an ordinary conference.
It was of course very convenient as the speakers as well as the attendees could stay at home without
and travel hours. A big part of conferences to me is to meet like minded people who are interested in the
same things as you yourself, and this was understandably missing in this kind of concept. I still think
that this it is a good tradeoff where you can get a boost to your inspiration and learn about the trends
and the tools that are currently on the market.

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