SqueedBrew Tech! – December 2021

Squeeds Blogg | 2022-02-03 | Øyvind Festøy-Blindheim
What is more inspiring than employees taking the lead, sharing their knowledge, wisdom and engagement?

This was exactly the case, when Squeed invited all Squeeders (employees in Squeed) from Gothenburg, Stockholm and Oslo, to the annual gathering SqueedBrew Tech last December.

Squeedbrew Tech 2021 was kicked off by Lena Stridsberg, from the arrangement committee.  

All in all there were 18 different talks from the very technical to the more motivational talks, presented in parallel runs throughout the day. 

The topics varied from: 

Sofia Jacobsson and Johan Bark on the stage, for their talk at SqueedBrew Tech 2021 

How experiences with Autism, ADHD and Neuropsychiatric disabilities can impact the Agile methodology.

– Johan Bark and Sofia Jacobsson 

Max Sandelin on stage for his talk at SqueedBrew Tech

Web Components: an Introduction to the Future.

– Max Sandelin

How to be an “Elite performer”.

– Fredrik Normen

Tomas Trolltoft, Head of Consulting, on stage for his talk at SqueedBrew Tech

All but one talk were presented by employees, but even one of the founders, Tomas Trolltoft shared his passion for long distance running, and the joy of finding a mobile kiosk at the end of the trail. 

The arrangement Committee on stage 

"The arrangement committee received a well deserved applause at the end of the day." 

Group photo of many of the employees at Squeed

And what better way to end the day than having mulled wine and mingle at the Squeed Gothenburg office, before returning to the hotel for an amazing banquet?

To summarize, an event done the “Squeed way” - which can simply be put in Squeeds chosen slogan “Achieve the amazing”.