Care for some DevOps?

Squeeds Julkalender | 2022-12-07 | Jacob Bruér
Whether it's your ways of working or not, leaning into it can benefit software delivery, operational, and organizational performance. I have come to gain ideas and insights that spark personal growth - I like taking ownership, dare to try new things, collaborate with people sharing their knowledge and experience.

Google and DORA collects data from global survey taken by companies in different industries, and compiles everything into a yearly report. It gives you an overview on how your colleagues make effective use of tools, practices, and an insight of what embracing DevOps culture could mean for your organization.

What seems to make teams effective in software delivery is the utilization of version control, adopting the practice of CI/CD, and developing systems based on loosely-coupled architecture. If you are an individual whose mind easily wanders when afflicted of organizational performance metrics, here are other driving factors but in a bullet list:

  • Organization and team culture with a high-trust, low-blame culture, that allows for a sense of belonging and which sparks a connection within the team, all key values of a successful team composition.

  • Teams that recognises the need to continuously improve, alike our values where Competence and Knowledge sharing is essential core values - failure to strive for improvement will eventually become a cost.

  • Organizations making teams feel supported, and are successful in establishing an environment where fear of failure does not exist. When the management trust the team to do the right thing, team autonomy will follow.

  • The extent to which a team meets expectations and delivering high-quality code.

Similar to that every individual developer have their own preference while discussing IDE's, tools, software, when defining their development environment. The same example is applicable to teams adopting DevOps, both in smaller and larger organizations.

It brings you useful proven methods to implement by your team, and a great set of technical tools to utilize and choose from, a large smörgåsbord one might say. But there is no one-size-fits all, your context and domain matters. 

Where I have been thriving the most has not necessarily been within a team with the crispiest or the most intriguing tech-stack. As a fairly new member of Squeed and Software Engineer I sometimes face technical overload in our industry. Adaptation to new tech is essential and a growth mindset coupled with speed is a winning strategy.

Attaining DevOps culture takes more time, longer than any innovation sprint. It is a marathon where teams evolve by embracing new ways of working which involve deeper collaboration, refinement and communication between team members.  

 is not always clear when facing a particularly challenging problem, what kind of tools you use, or which specific approach to take for that matter. I have concluded that within a rich culture driven by wise and empathic individuals. Who eagerly lends you a hand, and naturally share their experience - you always find a way to innovate and succeed.


Google DevOps Report: State of DevOps report 2022